Baldwin Gallery represents the following artists

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Donald Baechler
Sanford Biggers
Sebastian Blanck
Ross Bleckner
Delia Brown
James Lee Byars
Nathan Carter
Peter Coffin
Greg Colson
Will Cotton
E.V. Day
Stephen Dean
Carroll Dunham
Inka Essenhigh
Genieve Figgis
Eric Fischl
Adam Fuss
Anna Gaskell
Ewan Gibbs
Gilbert & George
Alexander Gorlizki
Isca Greenfield-Sanders
Tim Hailand
Peter Halley
Lyle Ashton Harris
Todd Hido
Jim Hodges
Rebecca Horn
Shara Hughes
Bryan Hunt
Isaac Julien
Annette Lemieux
David Levinthal
Mark Licari
Vera Lutter
Robert Mapplethorpe
Enrique Martínez Celaya
Ryan McGinness
Marilyn Minter
Malcolm Morley
Tony Oursler
Matthew Ritchie
Alexis Rockman
Tom Sachs
David Salle
Andres Serrano
Laurie Simmons
Taryn Simon
Doug and Mike Starn
Joseph Stashkevetch
Pat Steir
George Stoll
Donald Sultan
Marc Swanson
Philip Taaffe
Mickalene Thomas
Gavin Turk
James Turrell
Bruce Weber
Matthew Weinstein
Dirk Westphal

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