Alexis Rockman, Meadow, 2013, watercolor, ink and gouache on paper, 71-1⁄2 x 52 inches

Alexis Rockman, Meadow, 2013, watercolor, ink and gouache on paper, 71-1/2 x 52 inches

Alexis Rockman

Chemical Trespass

29 November – 20 December, 2013

Press release

Baldwin Gallery is proud to announce its sixth show with internationally-acclaimed painter Alexis Rockman. Rockman is widely known for his exquisite and fantastical depictions of the natural world. His works commonly address the theme of nature versus man by highlighting man’s toxicity in the natural world. The scenes depicted often appear deceptively tranquil, but Rockman cataclysmic visions of climate change and extinction are truly terrifying: the subject matter warring with the exquisite surfaces and lush portrayals, the message further deepened with deft irony and humor. The son of an archeologist, Rockman transforms scientific subjects into interesting and emotionally resonant images; he has long been involved in conservation efforts addressing global climate change and clean water issues.

Alexis Rockman, a New York-based artist and graduate of Rhode Island School of Design, shows extensively both in America and in Europe. In 2010, Alexis Rockman had a mid-career retrospective at the Smithsonian American Art Museum, and his concept drawings for the art direction of the 2012 movie “Life of Pi” were shown at The Drawing Center in New York earlier this year.

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