Todd Hido, #5157, 2007, chromogenic print, 48 x 38 inches

Todd Hido

a road divided

27 November – 21 December, 2009

Todd Hido, #5157, 2007
Chromogenic print, 48 x 38 in.

Press release

The Baldwin Gallery is delighted to present new photographs by internationally recognized contemporary photographer Todd Hido. The show coincides with the release of Hido’s new book, “Witness #7” published by Nazraeli Press. Hido is perhaps best known for house portraits: twilight examinations of happenstance light effects. As stalked from the curbside in cul-de-sacs and subdivisions, the modern suburban mixes of sfumato haze and cinematic halogen hint moodily at the complex narratives of the lives within.

Hido’s new show, “a road divided”, continues some of the themes of Hido’s recent, windscreen-viewed, “Roaming” series: further exploring the quietude of back roads and the tones of the rural winter sky. Uncommon and uncommonly beautiful light is once again the artist’s focus, and the spare vistas hone the viewer’s eye to the austere beauty of Hido’s aesthetic. The hoarfrost fields and empty country roads are imbued with a nearly minimalist elegance. Hido’s photographs function almost as found objects, as the light configurations and staging are all discovered rather than constructed. Hido’s large, chromogenic prints glow window-like in painterly light and a graceful isolation that speak soothingly to the harried modern soul.

Work by the San Francisco-based artist is included in the permanent collections of the Guggenheim Museum, New York; San Francisco Museum of Modern Art; and the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. Hido holds an M.F.A. from the California College of Arts and Crafts in Oakland, and a B.F.A. from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston.

Images are available upon request. Please call 970.920.9797 for further information.

Todd Hido, #3621, 2008. Chromogenic print, 48 x 38 inches

Todd Hido, #3621, 2008. Chromogenic print, 48 x 38 in.

Todd Hido, #7412, 2008. Chromogenic print, 48 x 38 inches

Todd Hido, #7412, 2008. Chromogenic print, 48 x 38 in.

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