Bryan Hunt: New Work
Laurie Simmons: Photographs 1998
27 July – 4 September 2007
Opening reception Friday, 27 July, 6-8 pm

The Baldwin Gallery is pleased to present a show of new work by sculptor Bryan Hunt. Known for his contemporary sculpture which explores themes as varied as lakes to prominent landmarks, Hunt’s cantilevered designs are reminiscent of the wide trajectory of modern sculpture from Rodin to Giacometti.

Hunt’s new aluminum and bronze works, some of which soar up to ten feet in height, recall his fascination with nature— and in particular, with the speed, force, pressure and current of water running through narrow ravines and gorges. In Flume I and Flume II, Hunt demonstrates the tension of representing water as an objective source in nature and the subjective reality of sculpture as an art form. The resulting work is the unique coexistence of upward-soaring sculpture and the downward, flowing plunge. Hunt currently lives and works in New York and was recently commissioned by the city to create a sculpture for Coenties Slip Park in Manhattan.

The Baldwin Gallery will concurrently present photographs by the acclaimed artist Laurie Simmons. Known for her miniature tableaux of dolls and dollhouses, Simmons presents here 3 series of photographs, “The Deluxe-Redding House,” “Modern Office” and “Whitehouse/Green Lawn,” all which have not been shown since 1998. In these exceptional bodies of work, Simmons presents the material world as both a nostalgic and an empty reality. “The Deluxe-Redding House” takes us into a modernist dollhouse, replete with wood paneling and furniture, through a birds-eye-view. “Modern Office” presents the vacant and eerie, yet comical remnants (swivel chairs, desks and conference tables) of the workplace. Simmons lives and works in New York and is featured as part of the permanent collections of the Solomon Guggenheim Museum and the Museum of Modern Art, New York.

The public is invited to meet the artists at the opening reception July 27th from 6-8 pm.

Since 1994, the Baldwin Gallery has been presenting new work by established artists of international renown. In that time, the gallery has earned a reputation as an important venue for contemporary art.

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